XQ (XQuery File)

The XQ Developer file format

XQ files are associated with a programming language called XQuery. XQuery allows developers to manipulate XML data. The source code inside the XQ file is used to read but also extract data from data models that have been created from XML data sources. Different kinds of software for both desktop and online usage use XQ files to interpret content in the XML format.

Technical details of XQ files

The level XQuery operates at is the logical data model level. Thus, when reading data using XQ files, not only direct XML data sources can be interpreted. When trying to interpret data from relational databases or other object repositories, another instance has to be interconnected in order to display the data in an XML format that the XQ file can read and process.

More information about the XQ file format

File extension .xq
File category Developer
Associated programs Altova XMLSpy (Windows)
Liquid Technologies Liquid XML Studio (Windows)
MacroMates TextMate (Mac)
Progress Stylus Studio (Windows)
SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor (Windows)

Any Text Editor
Useful links More about XQuery and XQ files
Developer The W3C XML Query Working Group