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XCODEPROJ - Xcode Project

What is a XCODEPROJ file

XCODEPROJ are used to save projects that have been programmed using Xcode, a programming software for Apple. Those projects are used to create software and applications for both the iOS and Mac OS X operating systems. The XCODEPROJ project file combines all files necessary for the software development. They are used to save work in progress states in developing.

XCODEPROJ contain different kinds of data, links and references to files used for the program or application programmed. The project files can include the source code files and other documents as well as libraries and databases, frameworks and other resource files. Images, logos, symbols and executable files are stored inside the XCODEPROJ as well. After completion, Apple Xcode is able to turn the XCODEPROJ file into an executable program file.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open XCODEPROJ documents:

  • Apple Xcode (Mac)
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