WWP - WebPlus Project File

What is a WWP file

WWP files are web files that are created using Serif WebPlus. More precisely, they contain projects for the development of websites. WebPlus itself is a web design program that is more graphic-based than others, that are more code-based. The pages created and saved in the WWP project can contain different elements such as text, images, Flash animations, dynamic content and embedded elements such as podcasts or YouTube videos. The possibility to include e-commerce and secure pages is also given.

WWP files are not used on the web directly. They merely contain the project information from a website that was developed in WebPlus. The WebPlus software has been discontinued in 2017. Thus, WWP files are rarely to be seen by now.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open WWP documents:

  • Serif WebPlus (Windows)
Extension WWP
MIME type n/a
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