WSF (Windows Script File)

The WSF Executables file format

The WSF file extension stands for Windows Script File. These files contain executable script that can be used to run different routines and scripts on a Windows machine. In case either CScript or WScript are installed on a Windows computer, the WSF files are executed automatically.

Technical details of WSF files

WSF files are used to execute both JScript and VBScript routines. The contents of the WSF file is, in most cases, stored in a plain text format, but may contain elements written using XML as well. While a specific program is used to execute these files, they can be opened in any text editor under Windows. WSF files are prone to be infected with viruses. A thorough scan for malware is advised when encountering an unknown WSF file.

More information about the WSF file format

File extension .wsf
File category Executables
Associated programs Microsoft CScript
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft WScript

Any text editor
Useful links How to use WSF files
Developer Microsoft