WPS (Microsoft Works Word Processor Document)

The WPS Document file format

The WPS file format is similar to the DOC format. WPS files are text documents created with Microsoft Works Word Processor. MWWP does not allow advanced formatting options and macros like Microsoft Word does. WPS files are efficient for basic word documents like note taking, spreadsheets, database information, or documents where the final product was not in heavy need of formatting and effects. Most Word programs can open WPS, but the format was discontinued in 2006 when it was replaced by the DOC format. Microsoft Works has been discontinued by Microsoft despite the popularity of some companies to pre-load their computers with the basic software for $40 or less.

Technical details of WPS files

The WPS file format contains richly formatted text, images, clipart, and tables using Microsoft Works software. Libwps allows users to read and write within WPS documents. The C++ library also allows programs like OxygenOffice and NeoOffice to utilize WPS files. Microsoft Works allows users to open Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and Excel workbooks. Some versions include task panes with no other updated features. Microsoft Works was replaced in 2009 by Office 2010 starter, offering much of the same features. Upon installing the 2007 Office System Compatibility pack, more documents can be imported into the WPS format. Modern word processing programs can open WPS files.

More information about the WPS file format

File extension .wps
File category Document
Example file Download example.wps file (10.50 KiB)
Associated programs Microsoft Word
Microsoft Works Word Processor
Works Converter
Useful links More information on WPS
Developer Microsoft