WLMP (Windows Live Movie Maker Project File)

The WLMP Video file format

WLMP is a movie project file created by Windows Live Movie Maker. This is a programs that allows the users to create their own personalized slideshows or movies that comprises of movie transactions, effects and music as well as various links to video or digital pictures too. Process and single steps while doing so are saved in the WLMP files. However, the WLMP file does not contain actual video data! It is merely a project file that serves the purpose of creating a video with the respective video editing program.

Technical details of WLMP files

WLMP files are created when you create a video or slideshow through Windows Live Movie Maker and save it not as the resulting video file, but the project as a whole. The Windows Live Movie Maker is a freeware developed by Microsoft and a part of Windows Essentials.

More information about the WLMP file format

File extension .wlmp
File category Video
Example file Download example.wlmp file (7.12 KiB)
Associated programs Microsoft Live Movie Maker
Useful links Get more information on WLMP here
Developer Microsoft