VBP (Visual Basic Project File)

The VBP Developer file format

VBP files are project files created by an old version of Visual Basic, which is a software development program used on Windows computers. The VBP extension is now rather outdated since the introduction of the VBPROJ file extension with Visual Basic.NET. Thus, the VBP file format can only be opened and processed by the older versions of the software. The newer VB.NET programs cannot convert VBP files into VBPROJ files anymore.

Technical details of VBP files

VBP files are project files that store all kinds of information needed by Visual Studio. The information is saved in plain text and contains references to sources needed by the project. This includes forms, class modules, and source code files. VBP is not an executable file, but this project file can be built into an EXE file to execute the software developed inside.

More information about the VBP file format

File extension .vbp
File category Developer
Associated programs Microsoft Visual Studio (Windows)
Useful links More information on VBP
Developer Microsoft