VBK (VitalSource eBook)

The VBK eBook file format

Files with the VBK extension can contain different kinds of data. A common one is used for e-book files used by the VitalSource Bookshelf. VBK files are typically DRM protected and contain textbooks and other learning material. VitalSource Bookshelf is a program and application for Windows and Mac computers as well as mobile devices running on Android or iOS. It allows you to purchase and read e-books, but requires an account to work.

Technical details of VBK files

E-book files that are saved as VBK files can only be opened by the VitalSource Bookshelf. Their DRM protection further protects these files from being used in other ways. Usually, VBK files contain different kinds of digital textbooks. As a user of VitalSource Bookshelf, you also have the possibility to obtain a digital version of textbooks you own as a physical copy.

More information about the VBK file format

File extension .vbk
File category eBook
Associated programs VitalSource Bookshelf (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
Useful links More Information about VitalSource Bookshelf and VBK
Developer Vital Source Technologies