UUE - Uuencoded File

What is a UUE file

UUE files are encoded using a Unix program called uuencode. Files encoded with uuencode are oftentimes used to send documents via e-mail to guarantee that they do not become corrupted in the process of sending. Files with the UUE extension contain encoded text. In order to retrieve the textual information in the file, it has to be decoded first.

Uuencode is used on the Unix system to convert binary files. The result is a file containing text. UUE files are most commonly used to transfer or send documents and other data in between computers running with the Unix system. In order to decode the UUE files again, Unix provides a program called uudecode. However, there are also applications available for both Windows and Apple computers to decode and encode UUE files. Using the official web services, encoding and decoding UUE files is possible online as well.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open UUE documents:

  • Apple Archive Utility (Mac)
  • Corel WinZip (Windows)
  • Smith Micro StuffIt (Windows & Mac)
  • uudecode (Linux)
  • uuencode (Linux)
Extension UUE
MIME type application/x-uuencoded, text/x-uuencode
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