THM (Video Thumbnail File)

The THM Raster image file format

A THM file is a Video Thumbnail File. Thumbnail images are commonly used for both images and videos. They are a single image that is used to represent the entire video or a larger version of the image. Commonly THM files are generated automatically by using the first frame of a video clip. Then, when the video is embedded or added to a page on a website, the THM file image is shown. In most cases, when someone clicks on the THM image, they will be taken to the actual video so they can watch it, or in the case of an image, they will be shown the full-size image.

Technical details of THM files

When you are recording videos, in many cases, the THM files are saved on the memory card that contains the according video. They have the same file name as the video as well. When you transfer the video from the recording device to your computer, the THM image may or may not be transferred along with it. Whether this happens will depend upon the specific type of software you use when the video is imported to your computer. In most cases, THM files are saved using the formatting conventions of JPEG. This means you should have the ability to open the THM file in any viewer that can open a JPEG file. If you have trouble, you can simply convert the file from THM to JPEG and it should easily open.

More information about the THM file format

File extension .thm
File category Raster image
Example file Download example.thm file (36.93 KiB)
Associated programs Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows)
Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer (Windows)
Sony Picture Motion Browser (Windows)
Microsoft Paint (Windows)
Canon ZoomBrowser EX (Windows)
Apple Preview (Mac)
Adobe Photoshop CC (Mac)
ACDSee Photo Manager 2009
Useful links Get additional information about the file extension THM
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