TEX (LaTeX Source Document)

The TEX Document file format

Files that have a TEX file extension are text documents created by a program called LaTeX. LaTeX is a typesetting software that enables a user to create documents containing different tables, diagrams and scientific drawings in high quality. Unlike the common word processing programs like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, TEX documents are mainly used in different branches of science. They are used for simple documents and articles as well as preparing books and other technical documentations for publication.

Technical details of TEX files

LaTeX TEX documents are used in computer science, engineering, physics, experimental linguistics and some other fields due to the high quality of the produced document and the ability of TEX files to contain more than just plain text. TEX documents support the inclusion of complicated mathematical expressions, scientific graphics and other, field-specific symbols. Developed in 1985, LaTeX is now maintained, updated and further developed by the LaTeX3 project.

More information about the TEX file format

File extension .tex
File category Document
Example file Download example.tex file (2.54 KiB)
Associated programs BaKoMa TeX (Windows)
gVim (Windows)
LaTeX Editor (Windows)
LyX/Mac (Mac)
MacVim (Mac)
proTeXt (Windows)
Skim (Mac)
Texmaker (Windows, Mac & Linux)
TeXnicCenter (Windows)
TeXShop (Mac)
TeXworks (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Useful links For more information visit the official LaTeX website
Developer LaTeX3 Project