TEC (TECkit Compiled Mapping File)

The TEC Misc file format

The file type TEC is associated with different instances. The most common use of the TEC file is as a TECkit Compiled Mapping File. This file extension was created by TECkit and it is also known as Text Encoding Conversion toolkit. This type of file is used to save a compiled version of a text mapping file. However, this only works when that text mapping was specified in a plain text MAP file format. The original purpose of the TECkit was related to converting older text. It specialized in converting text that was an 8-bit encoding into the unicode format.

Technical details of TEC files

The TEC file extension was also used at times by LaTeX. They used the TEC file extension to convert characters “on the fly”. It was typically used when creating LaTeX documents that were originally created in other languages. The TEC file extension also sometimes refers to PDP-10 TECO macro files. This stands for Programmed Data Processor Model 10. Many colleges used these types of machines for their computer and research lab facilities in the early days of computers. TEC files are also used by a program called Tanner Ledit. In this application, TEC files are used to hold the data files responsible for the layout technology.

More information about the TEC file format

File extension .tec
File category Misc
Associated programs pyTecKit
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Developer SIL International