SFW (Seattle FilmWorks image)

The SFW Raster image file format

Bitmap images with a SFW file extension have been created with the, by now, outdated application Seattle FilmWorks which was used for film processing. Some programs are still able to view SFW files even though files with this extension use a proprietary format. Seattle FilmWorks and PhotoWorks have been discontinued.

Technical details of SFW files

The SFW file format is actually an MGI PhotoSuite file and a raster image file. This file extension is also captured by IrfanView, Graphics Converter Pro and others.

More information about the SFW file format

File extension .sfw
File category Raster image
Associated programs SFW2JPG
SFW PhotoWorks
American Greetings SFW & PWP File Converter
Useful links Read more about the SFW file
Developer Seattle Filmworks