SB - Scratch Project File

What is a SB file

MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) developed a game and application development platform called Scratch. SB files are created using either the Scratch program or web application. When developing in Scratch, a project work-in-progress can be saved as an SB file. All project information such as media, sprites, images, and code is saved in the SB file. SB is, by now, an almost deprecated format. In Scratch 2.0, it was replaced by the SB2 file format.

SB files contain source code written in the Scratch-native programming language. The program itself can be used to develop small games and other interactive applications such as quizzes, puzzles, stories, presentations, and the like. Due to the simplicity of the development process, the program is often used by teachers and students to teach and learn the basics of programming. Scratch projects can either be saved as SB files or be compiled in JAR Java archives. The latter can be run in a standard browser. That way, applications developed in Scratch can be embedded on websites outside of the Scratch platform.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open SB documents:

  • MIT Scratch (Windows, Mac, Linux & Web)
  • Panther (Windows)
  • Snap! (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Extension SB
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