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S19 - Motorola S19 File Record

What is a S19 file

S19 files were developed by Motorola, a telecommunications company. They contain machine code on a very low level and are used to address other already compiled programs. The S19 file itself contains simple text that contains binary data that has been hexadecimal coded.

S19 files are structured in a particular way. There is one record only in each line and each record starts with a capital “S”. After the “S”, there is either a “1” or a “9”, depending on whether the record contains data or if the record is the last one of the file. Thus the name S19.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open S19 documents:

  • Metrowekrs CodeWorrior (Windows & Mac)
  • P&E Microcomputer Systems WinIDE (Windows)
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