RM - Real Media File

What is a RM file

There are several RealMedia files that comprise of compressed video and audio data. In order to run such files in the RealMedia Player the RM file format is used. The RealMedia Player was a popular software in times when a modem-based connection was more widely distributed than broadband connections. Higher compression was provided by said layer which further facilitated the streaming of video and audio files. The quality of the final output of the files, however, was generally poor. Real Player makes use of the RM file format to open audio and video files in every operating system such as Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Several websites all over the internet require the installation of the Real Player Plug-in prior to playing RM files. It facilitates opening various contents on the pages appropriately. The majority of such websites are web radios that transmit real-time broadcasting using RM files. These files are used to stream audio files, permitting the user to play the file at the same time as it is being downloaded. Real Networks Inc. developed the RM file extension for Real Media Player.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open RM documents:

  • RealNetworks RealPlayer
Extension RM
MIME type audio/vnd.rn-realaudio
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