REM (BlackBerry Encrypted Data File)

The REM Misc file format

The REM file type is associated with the BlackBerry family of smartphones and devices. Files with the REM extension are files encrypted using a BlackBerry device and can be decrypted using the same. After the files are decrypted they can easily be transferred to a computer and opened in the usual way.

Technical details of REM files

REM is used as a compound extension for the files encrypted using a BlackBerry device. The basic format for these files is "filename.extension.rem" for example if its a JPG file the encrypted version of the file would read as "filename.jpg.rem". The device uses a random key generation algorithm to encrypt the file and stores it in the device's RAM.

More information about the REM file format

File extension .rem
File category Misc
Associated programs Research In Motion BlackBerry Desktop Manager
Useful links Know more about REM files
Developer Research In Motion