REG (Registry Data File)

The REG System file format

REG files are commonly found on Windows computers and other devices that run on the Windows operating system. What these files do is to update, repair or save data from the Windows Registry, a Windows database that stores information about the software installed on the device, when run. Custom REG files can help to change Windows in a way that fits their personal taste and requirements.

Technical details of REG files

Advanced users of Windows machines can actually create their own REG files. While the creation itself is not tricky, inexperienced Windows users might introduce changes and issues into their Windows installation that they don’t want. Even worse, some operations could crash your Windows installation in a way that it becomes inoperable.

More information about the REG file format

File extension .reg
File category System
Associated programs Microsoft Registry Editor (Windows)
Useful links More on creating REG files
Developer Microsoft