RC - Resource Script

What is a RC file

The RC file extension was originally developed by Microsoft and is known as a Compiler Resource Script file. The file was originally created to be used by software developers. The types of computer applications that use the RC file are things like Borland C++ and Visual Studio. The RC file is saved in a plain text format. It also includes resource references. These resources include things like files for icons, images and components that are necessary for the user interface. The primary purpose of the RC file is to compile the resources that are referenced into RES files. Those RES files are used for the final build of the program.

The script that is within the RC file can contain several different types of information. The more popular informational topics are shown here. Preprocessor directives – These tell the RC file about the actions that need to be performed on the script. These actions must be taken before the script is compiled. Comments – While there are frequently comments included in the script file, they are not critical to the RC file and they are usually ignored. Preprocessor operators – These operators are part of the define directive. Predefined macros – These are macros that cannot be redefined and they do not take any arguments. Resource-definition statements – These are statements that name resources and describe them.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open RC documents:

  • Borland C++Builder
  • Embarcadero C++ Builder
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
Extension RC
MIME type text/plain
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