QXP - QuarkXPress Project File

What is a QXP file

Files with the QXP extension are created by QuarkXPress, a desktop publishing software. QXP files have been introduced in QuarkXPress 6 and are not compatible with earlier versions of the program. The content of the file consists of a full page layout, used to create layouts for flyers, brochures, books, newspapers and more.

The QXP project files contain everything needed for a desktop publishing page layout. That includes formatted text, images and other page layout properties. The file format supports single pages as well as multiple pages. QXP files are the successor of the now deprecated QXD files. Only QuarkXPress 6 and newer versions can open these files. However, Adobe InDesign can process QXP files as well if the appropriate plugin is installed.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open QXP documents:

  • Adobe InDesign (Windows & Mac)
  • QuarkXPress (Windows & Mac)
Extension QXP
MIME type application/quarkxpress, application/x-quark-express, application/x-quarkxpress
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