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QXD - QuarkXPress Document

What is a QXD file

QXD files are created using the QuarkXPress software for desktop publishing. Files with this extension can be opened by QuarkXPress five and earlier as well as with Adobe InDesign with the appropriate plugin. QXD files are used to save the layout and content of a page to print and publish different media like flyers, magazines, brochures or even books and newspapers.

Files saved with the QXD extension contain page layouts for desktop publishing. They can contain text with several formatting options, images and other page layout properties. They are used for general desktop publishing of different print media. The QXD format is deprecated. QuarkXPress 6 introduces the QXP file format that replaced QXD as it's most-used, native file format.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open QXD documents:

  • Adobe InDesign (Windows & Mac)
  • QuarkXPress (Windows & Mac)
Extension QXD
MIME type application/quarkxpress, application/x-quark-express, application/x-quarkxpress
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