QUICKENDATA - Quicken Essentials for Mac Data File

What is a QUICKENDATA file

Quicken Essentials is a finance management software designed and developed for computers running on Apple Mac OS X. The format Quicken uses to store its data is the QUICKENDATA format. All kinds of financial data entered by the user using the Quicken software is saved in such files. This includes accounts, loans and investments and information about transactions.

The QUICKENDATA format is exclusive to the Mac OS X operating systems. Quicken Essentials is also available for Windows computers, however, these versions of the software save data in another format. This makes it easily distinguishable, which Quicken version was used to create the financial data file: QUICKENDATA when using Mac OS X and QDF when using Windows.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open QUICKENDATA documents:

  • Intuit Quicken (Mac)
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