QB2011 (QuickBooks 2011 File)

The QB2011 Data file format

QB2011 files are created by the Apple Mac versions of Intuit QuickBooks only. QuickBooks is a financial management program used mostly by companies or self-employed people. The QB2011 file stores all kinds of information about the financial situation of said company or person. This includes financial data, reports, and letter. The QB2011 file then can be used to create different documents based on the financial data such as tax forms, reports, and payrolls.

Technical details of QB2011 files

The QB2011 format is considered as a legacy format. This is also true for the preceding formats QB2010 and QB2009. With the release of QuickBooks 2012, QB2011 files stopped being created by the program. With each new release of QuickBooks, a new file format was introduced, matching the year of release of the software, i.e. QB2012, QB2013, QB2014, and so on. The Windows version of QuickBooks produces files with a different extension. The financial data is saved in the QBW format.

More information about the QB2011 file format

File extension .qb2011
File category Data
Associated programs Intuit QuickBooks (Mac)
Useful links More on different QuickBooks files
Developer Intuit