PZ - Panzoid Video Project

What is a PZ file

The PZ file format is most commonly associated with Panzoid. Panzoid is an online program primarily used for the creation of video clips. Files with the ending .pz contain a project that has been created in Panzoid. It can include, among others, objects, scenes, effects, animations, and audio tracks. In addition, all kinds of settings needed for the video clip project are saved in the PZ file, such as the length of the clip, the frame rate, and the video resolution. The PZ files saved the work in progress state of a video clip and can later be exported as a video file (MKV or WEBM).

Since Panzoid is a web app, available online and reachable via your browser, the PZ file is stored on your computer after saving a project created with Panzoid. To open the project again, you need to navigate to “Load project” on the Panzoid web interface.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open PZ documents:

  • Panzoid Clipmaker (Webapp)
  • Panzoid Backgrounder (Webapp)
Extension PZ
MIME type n/a
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