PUP - PlayStation 3 Update File

What is a PUP file

PUP files are used by the PlayStation 3 (PS3), a seventh-generation gaming console by Sony. It is used to either patch or update the system’s software. Commonly, they were used to update the console with security patches, to fix bugs in the software, or add new, extra operating features. Usually, the update is done by the PS3 directly by downloading the PUP file from the internet. However, it can also be downloaded on a desktop computer and then transferred to the PS3 using a hard disk, USB stick, or another storage device.

Since PUP files are meant to be used on the PS3, a specific program is needed to open these files on a Windows computer; the PS3 PUP Extractor. In most cases, however, the file does not have to be opened prior to transferring it to the PS3. There, it has to be saved in the /PS3/UPDATE folder. The console can then be updated by conducting a system update which can be found under “Settings”. The standard filename the PUP file is given is PS3DATUP.PUP

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open PUP documents:

  • PS3 PUP Extractor (Windows)
Extension PUP
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