PPS (PowerPoint Slide Show)

The PPS Presentation file format

PPS files are known in combination with the Microsoft PowerPoint program. There is not much difference between the PPS and the PPT file extension. The only difference recognizable between the two formats is that PPS files can not be edited (contrary to PPT files). While a PPS file extension opens directly in presentation mode, a PPT file open in the design mode of the program. The PPS file is used for presentations to be sent without the receiving part being able to edit or change the content.

Technical details of PPS files

PPS files include slides that feature either text, images, graphs, or lists. Saved in the PPS format, the file can be opened in Microsoft PowerPoint as well as in the PowerPoint Viewer. Contrary to the PPT file, which is open for editing and changing the contents of the slides, PPS files can not be edited, even when opened in the PowerPoint program. Thus, it takes up less space and can easily be sent to another user or device.

More information about the PPS file format

File extension .pps
File category Presentation
Example file Download example.pps file (410.00 KiB)
Associated programs Apple Keynote
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
Useful links Get more information about PPS files
Developer Microsoft