PL - Perl Script

What is a PL file

The PL file extension is most commonly used for source code written in the Perl programming language. This code is used to develop script and is saved in a plain text format. PL files and the scripts they contain are used for server scripting, text parsing, and server administration, as well as as CGI scripts and more.

The content of the PL file is similar to other programming language code files. Lines of code in simple plain text are saved with the PL extension when the source code contained is written in Perl. It contains variables, functions and operations as well as descriptive comments. Since Perl is a very compact programming language, it may be difficult to read and interpret the code.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open PL documents:

  • ActiveState ActivePerl (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Bare Bones BBEdit (Mac)
  • ES-Computing EditPlus (Windows)
  • IndigoStar PerlEdit (Windows)
  • Late Night Affrus (Mac)
  • MacroMates TextMate (Mac)
  • Microsoft Notepad (Windows)
  • Perl (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Strawberry Perl (Windows)
Extension PL
MIME type text/plain, text/x-script.perl, application/x-perl
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