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PKG - Mac OS X Installer Package

What is a PKG file

PKG files can be found on Apple computers running under Mac OS X. These files contain a package of compressed files used for the installation of different software on a Mac. Software contained in a PKG file can be installed by simply double-clicking on the PKG. To view the individual contents, a right-click is needed.

PKG files are typically used to install software and programs on a computer running with Mac OS X. The programs can be installed individually by manually double-clicking and thus executing the PKG files. However, PKG files can also be part of an installer script that executes the PKG files automatically when run.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open PKG documents:

  • Apple Installer
  • CharlesSoft Pacifist
Extension PKG
MIME type application/octet-stream
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