PBJ - Pixel Bender Bytecode File

What is a PBJ file

PBJ files are created by an Adobe application that is used to create custom image filters for Adobe flash applications, Adobe Photoshop and a range of other products by Adobe. Thus, PBJ files are native to the Pixel Bender Toolkit program. The files themselves contain binary code. The code was previously compiled from a PBK file which thus forms the basis of the PBJ file. In the Flash or Photoshop program, PBJ files are used to apply different image manipulations to images, such as blurs, fades, pixelations and more.

PBJ files can be interpreted by several instances and applications that use the Adobe Flash Player. This is due to the Flash Player supporting Pixel Bender runtime. With the usage of ActionScript, PBJ files can be dynamically loaded into the applications.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open PBJ documents:

  • Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit (Windows & Mac)
  • Adobe Flash Player (Windows & Mac)
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