ORF (Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File)

The ORF Raster image file format

The ORF file format is widely used in Olympus digital cameras. It is the raw image format developed by Olympus. Just like other raw formats, ORF also comprises of image information rendered directly by the sensor of the camera.

Technical details of ORF files

ORF file formats are the RAW photos taken through the Olympus digital cameras. These files incorporate unprocessed information regarding a picture taken by the sensor of the camera such as color temperature, saturation, contrast, and much more. White balance and exposure can be modified afterwards as well. ORF files are also known as headers that also comprise of metadata which include technical characteristics of the camera.

More information about the ORF file format

File extension .orf
File category Raster image
Associated programs Olympus Master
Adobe Photoshop CC
Corel PaintShop Pro X6
ACD Systems Canvas 15
Google Picasa
Useful links Fetch detailed information regarding ORF files here
Developer Olympus