NZB (NewzBin Usenet Index File)

The NZB Website file format

NZB files are used by a service called NewzBin. NewzBin indexes content from Usenet servers and downloads the information needed for a special inquiry. NZB files contain information about posts made on Usenet, namely the name of the poster and the group the post was made in, file names and segments, and the unique ID of the posting itself. Since NZB are index files, they are used as such to gather information about the newsfeed content from a posting.

Technical details of NZB files

Stored in the XML format, NZB files help to save time and bandwidth when directing an inquiry to Usenet's NNTP servers. Instead of all headers available in a Usenet newsgroup, NZB files only contain the headers of a specific search. Thus, only the specifically searched for newsfeed and not the complete newsgroup list has to be updated. The NZB files themselves are XML-based text files.

More information about the NZB file format

File extension .nzb
File category Website
Associated programs Asar NZB Drop
DJI Interprises NewsBin Pro
Ilan Shemes GrabIt
Newsman Pro
Panic Unison 2
rsbr-Software News File Grabber
S&H Computer Systems News Rover
TechSono SuperNZB
Usenet Explorer
Useful links More information on NZB