NUMBERS - Numbers Spreadsheet File

What is a NUMBERS file

Files with the NUMBERS extension are created in the Apple Mac program of the same name. The program is part of the Mac OS X and the iWork suite. It allows users to create elaborate spreadsheets, tables, and calculations. The data inside the NUMBERS file is organized using columns and rows. In addition to pure numeric or written data, NUMBERS spreadsheets can also contain graphs, tables, images, and other media. The fields allow for basic and more advanced formulas to be used to create calculations with the values added. While the NUMBERS files are quite similar to Microsoft Excel files in their usage, they can not be opened in Excel or LibreOffice’s Calc due to their different structure.

Since the Numbers program and file extension were introduced with the iWork ‘08 suite, it is used by businesses and private persons working on an Apple Mac. It can be used to organize all kinds of numeric data and takes care of difficult calculations automatically with the help of different formulas. NUMBERS spreadsheet allow the structuring and ordering of data in several ways. In addition, graphs can easily be created on the basis of the data.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open NUMBERS documents:

  • Apple Numbers (Mac, Web & iOS)