NB0 (Device Boot Loader Image)

The NB0 System file format

NB0 files are classified as system files with raw binary data stored inside them. They are used to reflect a bootloader image on mobile devices. This is helpful to boot the device in question with another image that differs from the one already on the device. That way, system data like the device-native or default operating system can be customized. The image inside the NB0 file is made up of the raw, binary data that can easily be transported onto the device’s RAM. Both the Android and Windows mobile operating system can use NB0 files to help formatting the mobile device.

Technical details of NB0 files

What do the NB0 file and the data inside the file do exactly? The target device is bootstrapped by the NB0 file and a runtime image is downloaded. This image is then reflected or “flashed” back onto the device which loads this image instead of the original or pre-installed one. NB0 files are perfect for this since the data inside them is stored in the exact same format as the data on the RAM. Thus, NB0 files can easily write the device’s RAM directly without any format conversion needed.

More information about the NB0 file format

File extension .nb0
File category System
Associated programs Microsoft Windows CE Device Emulator (Windows)
Software Update Tool LR (Windows)
Useful links More information about NB0 files
Developer n/a