MPROJ - Mine-imator Project File

What is a MPROJ file

The Windows program Mine-imator, used to create animations based on the computer game Minecraft, uses MPROJ files to store an animation project. It includes different objects used in the animation such as items, terrain, and characters, as well as the timeline of the animation. In addition, the description of the project and the used screen resolution are saved in the MPROJ file.

The main usage of Mine-inator is to create videos based on the Minecraft game for uploading them to YouTube or other video platforms. Since the MPROJ file does not contain the actual video data, the animations can also be exported in the AVI format. Older versions of Mine-inator used the file format extension MAIN instead of MPROJ.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open MPROJ documents:

  • Mine-imator (Windows)
Extension MPROJ
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