MPKG (Meta Package File)

The MPKG Archive file format

Especially users of Apple Mac products know of the value of the MPKG file. At the same time, they are the only ones who can effectively use these files as they are basically useless for users of Microsoft Windows. Initially, the file format was developed for Linux. Thus, Linux and Unix can also make use of such archive files. MPKG files are used by the Apple Installer. These package files contain installation files for the Mac OS X operating system. Instead of a need for many different installer packages, the MPKG file contains all necessary installation files in one archive file.

Technical details of MPKG files

The installation files inside the MPKG file are usually stored as other, more segmented installation packages. They can either be component packages or so-called metapackages. MPKG files are typically more diversified than PKG files.

More information about the MPKG file format

File extension .mpkg
File category Archive
Associated programs Apple Installer (Mac)
Useful links How to extract MPKG on Linux
Developer n/a