MPGA (MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File)

The MPGA Audio file format

MPGA is an audio file which is compressed with MPEG Layer1. It allows to play all music files that support MP3 data as well. Within the MPGA file, the audio data is compressed, yet maintains the original quality. It is a standard file format for windows, and it is supported by all windows media players.

Technical details of MPGA files

This file is used for recording of audio data and stores the same in compressed format on the computer without loss of quality in the process. It is a proprietary file format.

More information about the MPGA file format

File extension .mpga
File category Audio
Example file Download example.mpga file (559.68 KiB)
Associated programs Apple iTunes
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Real Networks
Linux-Any Audio Player
Useful links Find out more about MPG Layer1 and MPGA files
Developer N/A