MPA (MPEG-2 Audio File)

The MPA Audio file format

The MPA file is closely related to the MP2 and other MPEG-2 files that contain audio data only. MPA files are known for very small file sizes while retaining the audio with only minor loss in quality.

Technical details of MPA files

MPA files are audio files compressed using MPEG-2 compression. Using this compression method allows users to reduce the file size of an audio file while preserving the overall sound quality. MPA was formerly based on the MPEG Layer I coding standard but has been updated to MPEG Layer II and later MPEG Layer III.

More information about the MPA file format

File extension .mpa
File category Audio
Associated programs Apple iTunes (Windows, Mac)
Apple QuickTime Player (Windows, Mac)
Microsoft Windows Media Player (Windows)
RealNetwork RealPlayer Cloud (Windows, Mac & Linux)
VideoLAN VLC media player (Windows, Mac, Linux & iOS)
Useful links More about MPA and the MPEG family
Developer N/A