MMF - Synthetic Music Mobile Application File

What is a MMF file

MMF is the name of the file extension that is associated with a SMAF file. This is a Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format. Most people are aware of these types of files because of their close association with cell phones and the ring tones that they play. Yamaha developed SMAF tools primarily as a sound file so that cell phones could have unique ring tones. However, the file has been adjusted somewhat and it now also has the ability to hold information related to text and graphics. The SMAF file can be created via Yamaha SMAF Tools and it can be in either WAV or MID.

There is some confusion between MMF and SMAF among users. The difference is the MMF is the name of the file extension, but the SMAF is the name of the file. While a MMF file is similar to MIDI, it also has the ability to support sound playback and graphics. Because of this enhancement in the area of graphics, SMAF files have a great deal of potential in the mobile world because of their ability to create rich images, while keeping the size of the files manageable. The size of SMAF files are typically much smaller than other types of files that handle the same functions.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open MMF documents:

  • Yamaha MidRadio Player (Windows, Mac)
  • Yamaha Mobile Contents Player (Windows)
Extension MMF
MIME type application/vnd.smaf
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