MIX (Microsoft Image Extension)

The MIX Vector image file format

MIX (Microsoft Image Extension) files are used by Microsoft PhotoDraw. Only this program can create and use MIX files without sacrificing abilities to modify the file. Microsoft PhotoDraw developed by Picture It! 2.0’s engine and was released with Microsoft Office 2000 (but could also be bought as a stand-alone program). Primary use was for business needs as opposed to personal use due to the primary use of creating vector graphics with less focus on photo manipulation. While vector, raster, and bitmap images can be viewed and involved, the program mainly deals with vector images, allowing for sharper lines and better quality.

Technical details of MIX files

MIX files are created by Microsoft PhotoDraw. It features vector, raster, and bitmap graphics software applications (i.e. Adobe Fireworks) for semi-professional use. Large amounts of fonts and clipart are available with the program. MIX files can easily be used in Microsoft Office documents, much like clip art. Microsoft PhotoDraw was discontinued along with the Digital Image Suite from 2006. Older versions support MIX files through Version 4.0. PhotoDraw was discontinued after PhotoDraw 2000 version 2, which allowed for general availability.

More information about the MIX file format

File extension .mix
File category Vector image
Associated programs Microsoft Digital Image Pro
Microsoft PhotoDraw
Picture It!
Useful links More Microsoft PhotoDraw and MIX information
Developer Microsoft