MIND (MindMeister Map File)

The MIND Settings file format

MindMeister, a mind mapping program that can be found on the web, uses MIND files. With this program, users can create mind maps that are used to capture, develop, and share ideas in a visually appealing way. The MIND file itself is similar to a ZIP archive in that it contains different files. Among them is a JSON file that contains the layout used in the mind map as well as paths to images or videos used in the mind map.

Technical details of MIND files

In the online mind map program, you can open MIND files by navigating to the “MY MAPS” section and choosing “Import”. On the other hand, you can export these mind maps by selecting “Export” and then choosing the “MindMeister” option when prompted to choose a mind map format. MIND files are, however, not the only files users can create using MindMeister. The mind maps can also be exported as PDF, RTF, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files, and other mind mapping formats like MM, MMAP, and XMIND

More information about the MIND file format

File extension .mind
File category Settings
Associated programs MeisterLabs MindMeister (Web)
Useful links Visit MindMeister
Developer MeisterLabs