MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension)

The MIME Misc file format

MIME files have nothing to do with the mime type of a file. Instead, they are encoded files that are used by many e-mail programs like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and more. These files improve the support of file attachments to e-mails. Furthermore, they support more characters than other formats, increasing the set of supported characters in e-mails.

Technical details of MIME files

A MIME file contains 8-bit encoded data. The characters used include ASCII characters but also some other characters that are not part of this character set. Other formats typically support 7-bit encoded data only. If an e-mail program is not recognizing or able to open MIME files, they can also be de-compressed with decompression programs such as WinZip.

More information about the MIME file format

File extension .mime
File category Misc
Associated programs Apple Mail (Mac)
Corel WinZip (Windows)
Kmail (Linux)
Microsoft Outlook (Windows)
Microsoft Outlook Express (Windows & Mac)
Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows & Mac)
Smith Micro Stuffit (Windows & Mac)
Useful links More info about MIME files & encoding
Developer The Internet Engineering Task Force