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MEPX - Movavi Video Editor Project

What is a MEPX file

Files with the MEPX extension are usually associated with the Movavi Video Player, a video processing program for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. MEPX files are project files created in this video editor and thus they don't store actual video data, but links to different video, audio, image and other files used in the project.

The MEPX file format might be classified as a video file, however, it is more of a project file of the video editing software by Movavi. Project files do not contain actual video or audio data. Instead, they link different data sources (videos, audio, images, etc.) and store them together with other information such as text, subtitles, transitions and more.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open MEPX documents:

  • Movavi Screen Capture Studio (Windows)
  • Movavi Video Editor (Windows)
  • MOVAVI Video Suite (Windows)
Extension MEPX
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