LUA (Lua Source File)

The LUA Developer file format

Lua is a programming language that is used to develop extensions for applications. Source code written in this language is saved in the LUA file format. These files serve the function of customizing existing applications. Most well-known among those applications are the video games World of Warcraft and Dawn of War.

Technical details of LUA files

Lua is known as a light-weight programming language that saves it source code in LUA files. There is a difference to be made between LUA files however. In most cases, they are saved in plain text and can be opened using any text editor software. However, some LUA files (e.g. for level creation for the Angry Birds mobile game) are compiled. These files are typically compiled using an ANSI C compiler.

More information about the LUA file format

File extension .lua
File category Developer
Associated programs Addon Studio for World of Warcraft (Windows)
Blizzard World of Warcraft Interface AddOn Kit (Windows & Mac)
GNU Compiler Collection (Mac & Linux)
GNU Emacs (Linux)
Microsoft Notepad (windows)
Notepad++ (Windows)
Rovio Mobile Angry Birds (Mac)
Vim (Linux)

Other text editor
Useful links More information about LUA files and the programming language
Developer N/A