KOZ (Audiokoz Music File)

The KOZ Audio file format

KOZ files are audio files that have been primarily associated with Audiokoz. Developed by Chaoticom, these files have been used by Groove Mobile to download and store audio data such as songs and ringtones on mobile phones. The Spring Music store also utilized the KOZ audio file format to provide audio files for their Sprint/Nextel users. Nowadays, it seems like this file format has become obsolete since it is not supported by any other known programs or adapted by developers.

Technical details of KOZ files

The wider distribution of KOZ files has been prevented by the fact that they are only compatible with mobile phones. KOZ files are not supposed to be opened by a computer. To nevertheless play the purchased music on your pc, a protected WMA file is usually provided alongside with the downloaded KOZ file. Naturally, the KOZ format shares many similarities with the WMA format. In a KOZ file, audio data is stored in a highly compressed manner. To do so, a proprietary CET algorithm was used.

More information about the KOZ file format

File extension .koz
File category Audio
Associated programs This file can not be opened on a computer.
Developer Audiokoz