KAR (Karaoke files)

The KAR Audio file format

KAR files are audio files created by many Karaoke applications. Next to the MIDI data, those files also contain song lyrics stored in plain text format. Thanks to the usage of the MIDI data, no actual audio data is contained within the KAR file. It is mainly used for playing back the lyrics along with the songs.

Technical details of KAR files

KAR files are primarily associated with the Karaoke MIDI File. The KAR file format was designed by Tune 1000 Corp. Even though the format has been abandoned by said corporation, it is still the prevailing file format in the shareware/public domain market. Other Karaoke formats include: MID+TXK, MID, CRT, and ST3.

More information about the KAR file format

File extension .kar
File category Audio
Example file Download example.kar file (0.75 KiB)
Associated programs Mireth Technology Music Man
Nullsoft Winamp
PG music Band-in-a-Box
Recisio KaraFun
vanBasco's Karaoke Player
Useful links Know more about karaoke and KAR files
Developer Tune 1000 Corp