JAVA (Java Source Code File)

The JAVA Developer file format

Files containing source code written in the programming language Java are saved with the JAVA file extension. These files can be further compiled into CLASS files using a Java Compiler. Many applications and websites are coded in Java or use Java components for different functions.

Technical details of JAVA files

JAVA files contain Java source code stored in a plain text format. Java is an object-oriented programming language. The data in the JAVA file, structured using classes, is used to instantiate different objects at a certain runtime.

More information about the JAVA file format

File extension .java
File category Developer
Associated programs Apple Xcode (Mac)
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (Windows, Mac & Linux)
ES-Computing EditPlus (Windows)
Google Android Studio (Windows, Mac & Linux)
GNU Emacs (Linux)
gVim (Windows)
javac (Linux)
MacoMates TextMate (Mac)
MacVim (Mac)
Microsoft Notepad (Windows)
Oracle Java Virtual Machine (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Oracle NetBeans (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Vi (Linux)
Xinox JCreator (Windows)

Any Text Editor
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