INDD - Adobe InDesign Document

What is a INDD file

Adobe InDesign, a program that allows you to professionally create page layouts, saves its projects using the INDD (InDesign Document) file extension. INND files and the thus created page layouts are used for creating formatted pages for books and magazines, flyers and brochures and more. This format is used in Adobe InDesign CS5 and earlier.

INDD files contain all information about a page layout needed to create, e.g., a newspaper page. It contains information about the page formatting and content, files that are linked to in the layout, as well as different styles and swatches. Since INDD files are project files, they can almost exclusively opened with the program it was created in. Adobe's InDesign and InCopy as well as QuarkXPress (with the usage of a special plugin) can open these project files. Corrupted INDD files may be opened and repaired in the Stellar Phoenix InDesign Repair program for Mac OS X.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open INDD documents:

  • Adobe InCopy (Windows & Mac)
  • Adobe InDesign (Windows & Mac)
  • Stellar Phoenix InDesign Repair (Mac)
  • QuarkXPress with ID2Q XTension (Windows & Mac)
Extension INDD
MIME type application/x-indesign
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