HWP (Hanword Document)

The HWP Document file format

The full name of the HWP file extension is a Hanword Document. Hanword was previously known as Hangul Word Processor; Hangul being the alphabet used in the Korean language. This word processing system has the ability to save documents that are written in Hangul. It is a very popular word processing system within Korea, but isn’t used as much outside of the country. The HWP word processing system is a typical word processing document and contains many of the same word processing functionality as many other systems. This includes the standard use of text and graphics, along with formatting functions.

Technical details of HWP files

There is a great deal of inconsistency as to whether HWP files can be opened by Microsoft products. This is because of dramatic changes in the HWP file format as well as changes with the Microsoft product line. OpenOffice.org has the ability to open a document that was created in Hangul 97. However, because of changes with the Hangul software, documents created later than that cannot be opened in OpenOffice. Because of this inconsistency, Hangul users frequently work with HWP files and send them to others without knowing that the recipient will no longer be able to open them. However the files can still be converted via an online document converter.

More information about the HWP file format

File extension .hwp
File category Document
Example file Download example.hwp file (719.50 KiB)
Associated programs Hancom Office (Microsoft, Linux)
Planamesa NeoOffice (Mac)
Hancom Office Viewer
Useful links Get more information about HWP files
Developer Hancom