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HTT - Hypertext Template File

What is a HTT file

HTT stands for HyperText Template. These files are used by the Windows operating system to define a certain kind of settings. This includes style settings as well as other display options and information. For example, the common “Folder.htt” file contains information about how folders and their content are displayed to a user, how and from whom they can be accessed, and more.

HTT files contain information in a HTML format, including different scripts. The information inside the file has a wide range. It ranges from style settings to DIVs, from different functions (FixSize, Init, etc.) to specific events. Basically, any available object can be exploited by the HTT file and it processes the object’s data. The other way around, any HTML-structured page can be used as, for example, a folder template.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open HTT documents:

  • Windows OS
Extension HTT
MIME type text/webviewhtml
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