HHT (Help and Support Center HHT File)

The HHT Misc file format

HTT files can mainly be found on Windows computers as they are used by the Microsoft Help and Support Center. If a help document is created in this application, the HHT file serves as a definition for the content classification of said document. It specifies the way the content of the help document is mapped to existing taxonomy terms, as well as how new nodes can be created using the taxonomy.

Technical details of HHT files

The information inside the HHT file is stored in the XML (Extended Markup Language) format and thus can easily be opened and edited in any kind of text editing software. When doing so, one has to make sure that no vital information that is used for the correct display and function of the HHT file is altered or broken.

More information about the HHT file format

File extension .hht
File category Misc
Associated programs Microsoft Help and Support Center (Windows)

Any Text Editor
Useful links Go to the Microsoft Help and Support
Developer Microsoft